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Author: Ray Jones  Date Posted:5 January 2020 

Road N Beyond has 20 years experience in the caravan and camping industry. Based at the foot of the blue mountains sydney we have established our Extreme caravan Repair, Hire and Storage Business.

We also host a large range of caravan accessories and 12volt electrical solutions.

Let your next Extreme adventure start here. Our current fleet exisit of 2 camper trailers and 1 Caravan hosting 2 bunk beds for the family.

Camper / Caravan Hire Day Rate - Range
Hike 21ft 2 Bunk Van $199 - $250
Kimberly Kamaper - Kakadu - Hire $80
Storage Per/Monthly in Advance
Caravan, Camper, Motorhome, Boat Storage $100
Cleaning, Repair and Installation Services Service Fee
Wash Service $150
Repairs , Servicing $165 per hour
Insurance Repairs Quoted based on Damage


Hike Grand Rover 21ft @ bunk van with ensuite - Sleeps 5











Kimberly Kamper - Kakdu Sleeps 2 - Extend Room Sleeps 3

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