Thumper Extreme Elite 80 AH Battery Pack
FREE 2m Anderson to Anderson Extension Lead.
Carrying on all the features from the previous Extreme model Thumper, the ELITE battery pack continues to offer the following features:
DUAL digital Amp / VOLT meter with 50Amp Bidirectional shunt to allow you to read both input and output amperage from any outlet socket (excluding the 175Amp Anderson) up to 50Amps  - please refer back to Thumper Extreme instructions for more information on this feature.
LED Voltage indicator to allow you an accurate reading of the battery status with a simple glance of colour of the indicator - please refer back to Thumper Extreme instructions for more information on this feature.
In built circuit breaker protection for all outlet sockets (excluding the 175Amp Anderson)              
Other than the obvious makeover that the Thumper Extreme ELITE has clearly undertaken, there are a number of new features which set this unit apart from any other portable power pack on the market.
The Extreme ELITE is now offering NEW and improved outlets sockets to accompany the standard Cigarette and Merit type sockets that is has always offered.
The Thumper Elite is fitted with 1 x Dual USB outlet on the front of the unit.  Rated to 2.5Amps at 5Volts this socket will allow for fast recharge of any USB compatible appliance. Please note: The USB will only be powered when the gauge is on as they are linked.
The Thumper Elite is now fitted with an Engel Fridge socket (only available in the Elite 60AH and 110AH model) Whilst the Engel socket is designed primarily for Engel fridges due to the 2prong connection, this plug is now readily available on the market and can be used to adapt your existing appliance or fridge in order to utilise this connection. The Engel socket can be used as both an inlet or an outlet and is rated to approx 15Amp at 12V.
50AMP VEHICLE CHARGE ONLY” ANDERSON – Fitted with In built isolator – rated to 50Amps
This 50Amp Anderson connector is linked to its very own internal isolator, built inside the Thumper Elite itself! This outlet will allow you to connect a charge line through the vehicle, directly off the main battery with nothing but a circuit breaker – The Elite will isolate itself completely without the need of installing an additional isolator to the vehicle. This feature is a perfect option for company vehicles or newer vehicles where it is difficult to locate or link into an ignition activated source.
The Elite will have a disconnect voltage of approx 12.7 Volts – it is at this point that the Elite will isolate itself from the charging source.
The  reconnect voltage of the Elite is approx 13.1Volts – making it the perfect companion for the newer vehicles with low alternator voltage or voltage sensitive alternators.
The “50Amp Vehicle charge only” line can be used with a DC charger if required, however, we have found with experience that many vehicles do not necessarily require the use of DC Chargers.
Whilst the Elite 30AH or 60AH can charge through a Cigarette socket, these sockets will only provide approx 5 – 10Amps at maximum and this is usually due to the factory fitted cable. We do not recommend charging permanently through a cigarette socket and would instead recommend to fit a line through the vehicle in approx 6mm twin core cable (preferably fitted with an Anderson connector also). 
This 50Amp Anderson can be used to directly link the Elite to another battery without isolation. The line will provide a continuous link to whatever it is connected to unless connected to a vehicle isolator such as a dual battery system, etc. This connection will allow you the option to parallel link batteries to allow them to charge and discharge together as one. This connection may be used with an under bonnet isolator if desired. 


Shipping Weight 25.0000kg
Shipping Width 30.000m
Shipping Height 40.000m
Shipping Length 40.000m
Unit Of Measure ea

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